Bro & New Sis

Hello everybody. These pics are extra special to me because they are from my brother's wedding. I wasn't the hired photographer for their wedding. Infact, I was the best man. I managed to squeeze out a few shots to fill in the void of their photographers (non) all day-coverage. Take a look!

Bro's-Wedding1 Bro's-Wedding2 Bro's-Wedding3 Bro's-Wedding7 Bro's-Wedding8 Bro's-Wedding9 Yeah, they had dueling pianos at their wedding. Courtesy of These guys were awesome. Highly recommended. Bro's-Wedding10 Bro's-Wedding11 Bro's-Wedding12 Bro's-Wedding13 Bro's-Wedding16 Bro's-Wedding14 Bro's-Wedding15 Bro's-Wedding18 Bro's-Wedding19 Bro's-Wedding20 Bro's-Wedding21 Bro's-Wedding22