Jamaica Destination Wedding // Megan & Matt


I have some early memories from growing up with Matt and Megan. I remember riding the same bus as Megan in grade school, and drinking Busch Light with Matt in high school. And now as we all experience these milestones in life, I can't express how honored I felt to be a part of their wedding celebration. It was great to get away from the daily routine, go to Jamaica, celebrate Matt and Megan's marriage, and see some of my best friends from growing up. I also met a bunch of great people, including Michael Ash. He made the trip, and shot this wedding with me. Check out his work here.


One more from Jamaica // Matt & Megan

I'm just about done putting the final touches on this set of images. This shot was taken on Neopan 400 with my EOS 3 camera. The thing that is impressive, is that this image is a straight scan from Richard Photo Lab. Zero processing on my part. Insane. Also my good friend Michael Ash tagged along, and will be sharing his set of images as well. For now here are two from Michael. They are pure rawness.