iowa city wedding

Courtney & Mike | Iowa City Wedding


I'm a pretty relaxed casual type guy. I always show up to weddings with a nice button up shirt untucked with Vans shoes. The first thing I do is ask the mother of the bride if it's okay that I don't tuck in my shirt. Of course they always say yes. This time was different. Courtney and Mike have a cool casual style. All the guys were wearing Vans with unique socks. It's easy to say we all connected right away, and had a great time all day.

The wedding was at an awesome church in Iowa City. The reception was at the Coralville Marriot, and I stayed late into the night. We had a blast, and don't let Courtney tell you that her husband Mike doesn't have proper dance moves. She wasn't too shabby herself, and she certainly takes awesome photos.