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Brooke & Blake | Engagement Session

As we were driving to our first spot to take photos, Blake told me that he wasn't photogenic. I immediately disagreed and told him that he's photogenic, if caught with a "natural smile." Very few people are photogenic when told to smile directly into the camera... It's awkward, and that's not how we roll. I had a great time working with Brooke & Blake, and I think they photograph very well. Our whole session was very laid back, and easy going. Brooke-&-Blake1 Brooke-&-Blake2 Brooke-&-Blake3 Brooke-&-Blake4 Brooke-&-Blake5 Brooke-&-Blake6 Brooke-&-Blake7 Brooke-&-Blake9 Brooke-&-Blake10 Brooke-&-Blake8 Brooke-&-Blake11 Brooke-&-Blake12 Brooke-&-Blake15 Brooke-&-Blake16 Brooke-&-Blake17 Brooke-&-Blake18 Brooke-&-Blake20Brooke-&-Blake19 Brooke-&-Blake21 Brooke-&-Blake22 Brooke-&-Blake23Brooke-&-Blake24 Leave a comment!!! Don't be shy.