Tiffany, a previous client said it best.. "Eric gives you amazing work and makes the experience so easy, as if you've known him for years!"

I focus on getting to know you, by creating an experience that is a much more personal and enjoyable than your local photography studio. We'll have a blast, and make some awesome photos. With this combination, the images come easy and a photo session never feels directionless. It'll feel like were old friends from way back.

I have a strong interest in capturing and revealing the beauty in the way things naturally happen. Delivering and sharing a set of genuine, heartfelt images is my passion. I want to share that with you and work together to create something special that will endure time.

I welcome you getting in touch with me, and I look forward to the conversation.

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  • I'm based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and have photographed weddings in many places. I'm ready to travel, and looking to expand my reach. So please get in touch.