eric yerke

2011 Personal Favorites

2011 was another year of growth for me as a photographer, and as a person. Reflecting on the past year and how thankful I am for life has been a great experience. I realize that it's the people that matter most. The people I meet, connect, and work with are what this thing called life is all about. It's my clients, friends, and family who make this all possible. To you people who have made this possible, I want to say thank you for supporting me in what I do.

Below are my personal favorite images from 2011 in no particular order.



Casa Marina Key West Wedding // Nicole + Zack


I've been sitting here for over an hour trying to find the words to describe this experience I had in Key West. It's actually quite simple. There is no place quite like Key West, and there are no people like Nicole and Zack. I knew within five minutes of hanging out with them, that we were the perfect fit. We hung out, shot engagement photos, had a few beers, and made a great connection going into the wedding. I really felt like I'd known them for years prior, and believe that we'd all be great friends if we lived in the same area.

There wedding was awesome. All of their friends, and family treated us like one of their own. This time I spent in Key West is definitely going to be a day to remember forever, and I have Nicole and Zack to thank for giving me the opportunity, and putting their trust in my photography.

Then to top it off, I had my friend Nirav Patel take the time out of his busy schedule to come hang out. Not only is he an incredible photographer, he is also a big inspiration to myself, and now somebody I consider a good friend. It was great to have somebody there who was up for the full experience, and make this extra special for Nicole and Zack. We shot photos non-stop in Key West, and connected with some awesome people. A lot of the photos below are his, and I can't thank him enough for his contributions.

I'll share more from Key West soon, but I wanted to get this wedding up before the end of the year. I also have quite a few weddings that will I will share in the upcoming months that were shot in 2012. Stay tuned, and thanks again for this experience Nicole and Zack.



Keokuk Country Club Wedding | Sally & Cole

I have a smile from ear to ear, as I'm gathering my thoughts about Sally and Cole. They are some of the most genuine, down-to-earth people I have yet to meet. While I was driving out to their wedding in Keokuk, I knew it was going to be a special day. It certainly will be remembered, thanks to all their friends and families for treating me as one of their own. Putting together this set of images is definitely bittersweet for me. I feel so fortunate to have connected with Sally and Cole, meanwhile it's kinda sad that I'm not going to be shooting more wedding and engagement photos with them. Congratulations to you Sally and Cole, and I couldn't of been more pleased with the experience I've shared with you guys. It's people like you that make this job more than I could ask for.

Also a huge thanks to Moment Junkie for featuring this wedding on their blog. You can see it by clicking here.