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Looking Deeper for Details

Here are a few "detail" shots from a wedding. I really, really like the images of the guitar players when displayed as a series. The guy with the smoke below, is one of my favorite pictures from this wedding. There were a million little kids playing with sparklers outside and I had to capture the smoke. That's why I consider it a detail shot. Details


Here are a couple more.


Detail shots are important, but there are more creative ways than just pointing your camera at a table setting, or a bouquet. Looking a little deeper for the details of your wedding, will reveal what's really special about your wedding. Sure, the decorations are important to capture, and make great images, but the deeper you dive into the details the better.

For example, the picture of the shoes above is merely a detail shots of the bride's shoes, but I looked for the best available light to capture them. I could have put them on top of a table, pointed my camera and taken the picture. Anybody can do that. When you hire a wedding photographer you are hiring them for their "eye" and experience with creating images that last forever.