Shannon & Thomas in West Palm Beach Florida


I don't normally talk about the weather, but let me say that today it is ridiculously cold.  Last time I checked it was -3°F.  It's pretty cold out there, and it's no coincidence that I started to think back on my trip to South Florida this past November.

I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to photograph two weddings, hang out with your awesome family, go fishing in the ocean, snap pics of the kids, learn about the great outdoors with Rich, and work with Shannon and Thomas.  

Knowing that you and Shannon are both such incredible photographers, I was nervous going into this shoot.  But, once I took the first frame of them in your studio, I forgot about it all and just went with it.  Shannon and Thomas were a breeze to work with, and I think Shannon should consider modeling.  

I know we had this conversation in Florida, but know that I'm grateful to go on all of those adventures, and photograph Shannon and Thomas.