Moments Last

GrandpaMy grandpa took the photo above while out on vacation in Hawaii. I honestly have no clue when it was taken but I'm guessing in the 1960's; long before my arrival. He was a photographer prior to the digital era, and this gave me the opportunity to go through his photos years after he passed away.

This is one of my favorite photographs because in a way it explains a story of why I find photography to be such a beautiful thing.

Sure it may sound cliché to say that pictures capture moments that will last forever.

It's true. There is sentiment attached to photos for many reasons. It could be the time frame of the photo, the event itself, or even who took the photo.

Sentiment is always there.

This is a beautiful thing. We are fortunate enough to have the tools to forever keep moments, and share them with others. I always enjoy going through photos from those closest to me. Going through my grandpa's photos and discovering this one was a pivotal moment in my appreciation for photography.

After we die the moments live on forever, and those closest to us can cherish them forever.

Thank you for this story grandpa.