Leah & Shelby // Teachout Building Wedding in Des Moines

Being a wedding photographer in Iowa, I get asked the question a lot if I photograph same sex weddings.  I always answer with a simple "yes," and wait to see where to conversation goes from there.  While living in a fairly conservative and traditional area, I feel like the person asking this question is waiting to hear my opinion regarding same sex weddings.

My opinion on this issue is simple, and even further cemented after working with Leah and Shelby.  I think the connection of love between two humans is a beautiful thing, and worth celebrating.  Who we choose to love and spend our lives with, should be a simple human right that we all can exercise in the way we want.

Leah and Shelby's connection with each other was perfect, and I'm beyond happy for them both.  I'm even more grateful to walk away from this experience with two new friends.  

I admire Leah and Shelby for staying true to themselves, and celebrating their companionship, in the face of the so called norms of society.  It's all these types of people who can make permanent changes for the better.  

Thank you Leah and Shelby for working with me, and inspiring me.  Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding this past fall.