Cara & Brad | 09.04.2009

Cara and Brad are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They carry a positive energy that is infectious, that I am certainly glad I experienced. I think it's hilarious how they gave me the nickname "E.Y." By the end of the wedding I got so used to being called EY, infact I started to like it. Eventually my nickname made it to the wedding party and the guests. It was awesome. Certainly better than some of my other nicknames. :-)

Below are some of my favorite images from their wedding. Great people means great times. Thanks Cara and Brad! Joens1 Joens Joens2 Joens3 Joens4 Joens6 Joens8 Joens7 Joens5 Joens9 Joens10 Joens11 Joens12 Joens13 Joens15 Jones14 Joens16 Joens17 Joens19 Joens18